Car Inspection Knowledge Base

Our client contacted us to inspect this fully electric Audi E-tron at a main dealer in Wakefield. He intended to export the vehicle to Malta and wanted to confirm the vehicle was of main dealer quality and its condition befitting the low indicated mileage.

This 2017 registered Fiesta was inspected on behalf of our client who was looking to purchase a Category S insurance total loss. The dealer had advised our client that the vehicle had light repairs to the front end.

This BMW X5 had a clean history check but our client wanted the security of an inspection before his handed over in excesss of £20,000 to a trader from home.

The vehicle less than one year old, low mileage, under manufactures warranty and for sale on a main dealer forcourt. A safe purchase you would assume? and the majority are, but every now and again you may not get the car your are paying dealer peice of mind for.