Hybrid/Electric inspection - Import

The Instruction -

Our client contacted us to inspect this imported LH drive VW Passatt at a dealer in Essex. He had no specific concerns about the vehicle.

Background information -

As the vehicle was a recent import to the UK it came with no Hpi data or UK history. The vehicle still displayed its European registration number plates prior to UK registration. No service history was provided by the dealer at the time of our inspection, the vehicle was advertised with full service history but they advised but was located at a different branch.

Our findings - 

This is a sumary of our findings taken from the inspection report.


Outer bodywork was generally of a good standard but with evidence of a previous cosmetic repair to the passenger side rear which had been carried out to a good standard. There was an unusually high level of stone chipping to forward facing bodypanels and windscreen


Well maintained and presented interior with the exception of advanced wear to the front carpet below the drivers fitted over mat.


Evidence of regular servicing with all levels clean and well maintained. Heavy stone chipping to air conditioning condensor.


No excessive wear noted typical of a well maintained and serviced vehice.


Premium brand tyres with good tread all around.


System full functional in all modes with hybrid batteries charging/discharging normally whilst idling and during road use.

The outcome -

Our physical inspection showed the vehicle had been maintained to a high standard but displayed some unusual wear and tear considering the vehicle was advertised with a odometer reading of 75213KM (46735). 

Although well presented, with the vehicle showing cosmetic inconsistances and having no traceable UK history the inspecting engineer asked our team to look deeper into the digital history of the vehicle. We carried out 3 separate European history checks using identification numbers recorded during our inspection including searches of NAP (Nationale Auto Pas)mileage database.

Our additional checks indicated the vehicle had been through 3 trade hands in a short period following de-registration in the Netherlands in October 2019. Further manual searches showed multiple adverts for vehicle at various trade sites.

Adverts range from November 2019 up to May 2020 with various prices from 10800 to 13500 Euro (£12,000). Most importantly the adverts indicated the vehices true odometer reading of 234396KM (145645 miles).

Our inspection and detailed investigation revealed the vehicle had done almost 100,000 more miles than was advertised. Whilst the vehcle was well presented and serviceable the selling price £15,595 represented poor value for the true mileage. 

The dealer was unable to present any evidence to support the advertised mileage and returned our clients deposit.