Classic Car Cat S removed

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The Instruction:


Our client contacted us to carry out a damage assessment inspection on his classic 1972 Mercedes C Class. The insurer had categorised the vehicle Cat S following an image assessment of third party damage to the car.



Background information:


Our background checks confirmed the vehicle had be categorised a Cat S. The owner wanted to retain the vehicle but was concerned about the costs involved (due to the low value offered) and negative effect the Cat S marker may have on its future value. 


After several frustrating weeks unsuccessfully trying to make his case to the insurer he decided he needed professional assistance.


Our findings:


The inspection identified that the vehicle could safely be repaired using accepted industry methods. 


As our inspecting staff engineer is qualified in the categorisation of accident damaged vehicles he identified that the application of the Cat S marker had been wrongly applied due to the vehicles age and type. 


The salvage code sets best practice for insurers when disposing of motor vehicle salvage, it is in place with the aim that damaged vehicles are correctly categorised.


Our engineer presented a report to the policyholders insurers identifying his reasoning, this in turn also affected the market value offered. 


The outcome:


With our assessor having the benefit of seeing the vehicle in person and having a full understanding of the salvage code of practice he was able to provide qualified evidence to support the insurer who had previously carried out an image assessment remotely.


Following further investigation by the insurer the owner received a fair market value and as a result was able to get his vehicle back on the road. Most importantly for the owner, with the incorrectly applied Cat S marker removed. 


Client feedback:


Just wanted to say thank you once again - everything you said ought to happen, happened; the insurance firm refunded your fees, sent their own engineer who concurred that the vehicle WAS repairable and should never have been Cat-S or even Cat-N, raised the market valuation from £4,000 to £9,000 and made a quick settlement.

Thanks and all the very best.