Mercedes B Class Car Inspection - Cat S

Mercedes Cat S

The Instruction -

Our client contacted us to inspect this Cat S insurance total loss based in Birmingham. She had viewed a car herself prior to instructing us to check it further. Her instruction to our engineer was to make sure the car is structurally sound and safe to drive as she had concerns it may not have been professionally repaired and she had no idea of the extent of the original damage sustained. 

Background information -

Our background checks had confirmed the insurance total loss marker but no historic repair records were available to give any clues as the the nature of the impact. Upon arrival the engineer was shown around the vehicle by the seller who advised the vehicle had light damage to the drivers front wing and a scratches to the drivers side rear wing. He was keen to point out to the inspector the front end chassis was clear of damage.

Our findings - 

This is a sumary of our findings taken from the inspection report.

Front end 

Body filler repairs have been carried out to the RH front bumper corner and RH front wing. Repairs are of a basic standard with a build up of filler work and distortion still evident to the RH front wing. Adjustment has been to the wing bolts to improve fit. RH headlamp not functioning.

Rear end

Direct impact has occurred to the outer rear wing, lamp panel, inner wing and rear bumper. In addition the wheel/suspension has been forced into the inner arch/floor panel.

Excessive filler use is evident to the RH rear outer wing and inner lamp panel. No attempt has been made to repair the inner wing/wheelhouse or inner arch/floorpan areas. These areas are structurally weak with manufacturers sealant and panel work torn.

The sill skirt does not fit flush as a result and filler & a wood screw has been used to hold it in place

The paint work noted within the repaired areas is of a poor standard with badly prepped filler, paint edges, flat paint colour, thin paint coverage, overspray and dirt nibs all present  Ongoing paint deterioration and future rectification must be expected.


The RH rear wheel has impacted the inner body during the impact resulting in significant suspension damage.

Some suspension replacement is evident using new and recycled parts.

The rear subframe that bolts to the body and carries the suspension has been cut and weakened in the impact yet not replaced only reshaped. Replacement essential as the until could fail under load 

The hub also shows impact damage and should be replaced
The chassis section where the front trailing arm (of the rear suspension) bolts to the body shows distortion and the mounting doesn't sit correctly. 

Areas of the inner body shell show unrepaired impact damage including torn manufactures seals. No evidence was noted that the vehicle has been pulled or measured on a chassis jig. The body chassis is out of alignment and requires measuring, straightening and replacement of some internal panels


Damage sustained to the vehicle is far from the advertised damage and the repairs carried out are poorly executed.

Body and mechanical repairs show no regard for the future safety of its occupants or other road users. Repairs have been carried out solely to improve the cosmetic appearance. The vehicle requires significant structural and panel repairs in addition to resolving the suspension faults.

The outcome -

Our client decided against the vehicle due to short commings found during our inspection.