BBC investigates Cazoo's 300 point Checks

Online car supermarket


A BBC Watchdog investigation has called into question online car retailer Cazoo’s 300-point check on all its vehicles after failing to uncover documentary evidence of such scrutiny being carried out.


Television’s consumer protection series featured during a One Show episode on BBC One to highlight the experience of dissatisfied customers.


Its investigation into the experience of three customers, whose newly-acquired cars suffered issues including a faulty brakes, gearbox, snapped exhaust, leaking roof and traction control malfunctions, questioned why customers were denied the documentary evidence of the 300-point checks.


One customer bought Ford Ka from Cazoo in March last year which had issues with its gearbox and exhaust. 


A second customer discovered a BMW bought from Cazoo had a braking issue after taking the vehicle to a franchised dealer for a health check. 


The buyer of an Mazda MX-5, meanwhile, found that their newly-acquired sports car had issues with its traction control system and headrests.


Central to Cazoo's online sales promise is a seven-day, no-quibble policy which allows customers to return their vehicle and recieve a full refund. My Car Inspections have had first hand exerience of inspecting this new type of car purchase within the seven day period. 


Whilst the BBC Watchdog investigation revealed that the three cases investigated had all been resolved, we would recommnent any vehicle is inspected independently either before or after delivery to ensure the vehicle you are buying is as describle and value for money.