How well has this Cat S write off been Repaired?

Cat S Insurance Total Loss

This 2017 registered Fiesta was inspected on behalf of our client who was looking to purchase a Category S insurance total loss. The dealer had informed our client that the vehicle had light repairs to the front end.

Chassis damage

The engineer found the vehicle had been subject to a much harder than described impact to the front end in addition to a heavy impact to the rear which had resulted in the RH chassis leg being torn away from the boot floor.

Here are some key sections from his report

The vehicle has been subject to front and rear impacts which has resulted in the vehicle being deemed uneconomical to repair.

Front end repairs include replacement bonnet and hinges (new) replacement bumper (recycled)

Cosmetic repairs are also evident to both upper A pillars and front wings.

Impact appears central with the main front X member buckled as a result damaging headlamps, front panel, air con condenser and other components. 

The X member has been pulled straight, cut and welded back into position. This method of repair will offer no protection in the event of a further impact. Replacement essential however a straight X member is unlikely to fit the chassis legs which will have moved as a result of the impact.

No attempt has been made to replace the front panel, air con condenser or headlamps which are all damaged. The front panel and adjoining bumper are insecure as a result and the headlamps wobble when touched.

No evidence of the vehicle being placed on a jig to measure and correctly align the body. The entire front end leans to the left with inconsistent gaps as a result of the X member chassis movement.

Paint work and cosmetic repairs carried out are considered of a below average standard

Bonnet hinges are unpainted

Rear end impact is off set to the RH rear and has resulted in replaced of the tailgate, X member and bumper using recycled parts. No attempt has been made to repair the damaged RH rear chases leg, boot floor and rear panel.

Replacement of the rear panel, boot floor repair/replaced and correct alignment of the rear chassis leg is essential to vehicle safety. The used X member fitted to the vehicle currently floats away from the chassis leg due to its mis alignment, The back panel has also pulled away from the boot floor

While repairs have cosmetically improved the vehicle they haven't addressed structural and safety issues. The vehicle is unroadworthy and without improvement I would only value the vehicle as unrepaired salvage.