Classic Car Export to Australia

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The Instruction:


We were pleased to accept this instruction to inspect a 1990's Jaguar XJ-S  on behalf of a classic car enthusiast from Australia. 


The vehicle was being sold by a private collector based in Northampton. If the inspection proved successful our client would not see the vehicle until it was shipped to him in Australia. We provided a written report,  in- excess of one hundred images and ongoing feedback following the inspection.



The outcome:


We were delighted to receive notification from our client that the vehicle has arrived in Australia.


"The car has arrived undamaged (thank goodness), and has given an exceptional performance in that it was jump started to get off the ship, but has started itself every time since then – something that I never expected.


The car's condition is exactly as I expected, and your descriptions were bang on the money. It is a total joy to drive, and it just does everything so well. Its tight on the road, compliant, willing, flexible – I'm most impressed.  So is the mechanic friend that  came on the drive with me, and my neighbour who was a rally driver in a previous life. I'm convinced I could drive it for ever and never go above 2500RPM. We gave it some fresh fuel, and I'm amazed it happily and smoothly pulls from around 1200RPM in 3rd  and is so smooth as the revs rise. The gearbox is a delight and the clutch I just find perfect. There was no getting used to it – it just fitted from the first time I put it in gear and let the clutch in.  I just love driving it!


So there you go. Adventure and experiment successfully completed.


Thanks you for all your help and thoroughness along the way."


The vehicles journey from the UK has been documented in Edition 212 of Jaguar Magazine. The article (above) provides valuable information about all aspects of the buying process and the legislative hurdles that need to be overcome when importing a classic vehicle into Australia.