Cat N & Cat S Used Car Inspections

Qualified Assessors

Qualified Engineer Assessors


My Car Inspections are Category N and Category S pre purchase vehicle inspection specialists.


Our in-depth total loss/write off inspections are carried out by fully qualified engineers, all of our certified automotive engineers have a working history within the accident repair industry and are registered professionals at The Institute of the Motor Industry.


Additionally they hold valid ATA/VDA vehicle damage assessor qualifications which require certification every 3 years at Thatcham Research, the UK's independent automotive research centre.


Cat S and Cat N Car Checks


Our comprehensive pre purchase car inspections cover Cat S, Cat N, Cat C and D total loss classifications. 


Mobile Cat S and Cat N Vehicle Inspections


Our inspections are carried out at the vehicle location, underbody components are inspected with the aid of trolly jacks and ramps.

Members of IMI

The inspection includes all mechanical and structural aspects in addition to a road test and diagnostic scan of the vehicle safety systems. Our engineers use their skill and experience to assess the area/extent of the damage and quality of repairs carried out. All aspects of the inspection aim to assess if  your potential purchase is roadworthy, structurally/mechanically sound and value for money.


Your pre purchase vehicle inspection report is delivered promptly online and includes direct access to the engineer to discuss the findings detailed within the report. We also provide online access to our vehicle inspection image database via a link within the report. 


Free History Check


A vehicle history check is carried out prior to the vehicle inspection to confirm details of any total loss categories and also ensure no other theft, finance markers or mileage discrepancies are recorded. In addition to these checks we carry out further investigations to assist in the identification of the damage sustained. Sellers often don't know or don't fully disclose the nature of the original damage so these additional checks can help highlight any potential problems that would need to be satisfied during our detailed pre purchase car inspection.


Accident Damage Experts


A vehicle that is deemed a Cat A, Cat B, Cat N or Cat S total loss and placed on the MIAFTR register must be assessed by an APQ (Appropriately Qualified Person). All of our vehicle damage assessors hold the AQP qualification and can be of assistance if you have a dispute over a salvage category applied to your vehicle or you are considering retaining & repairing a vehicle following write off. Examples of our salvage reclassifications can be found here


What we check

  • Documentation/Car Identification
  • Body Exterior
  • Vehicle Chassis 
  • Internal Condition & Functions
  • Engine Compartment
  • Clutch & Transmission
  • Exhaust System & Fuel System
  • Front Steering & Suspension

  • Rear Suspension

  • Wheels and Brakes
  • ADAS
  • Road test and recommendations

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Total loss inspections cover used vehicles of any age inculding:

  • Classic cars
  • Imports
  • Hybrid, Plugin Hybrid & Electric
  • High Performance
  • Vans
  • 4x4
  • Left Hand Drive

Additional Inspection options

  • Digital Images
  • Mileage History - Standard
  • Mileage History - Investigation
  • DVLA MOT History
  • Valuation 
  • Extended road test
  • Vehicle recalls

Free vehicle history check

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