Free vehicle history check

A free history check is carried out before all inspections to ensure the vehicle is checked for theft, mileage descrepancy, write off and fraud.

This detailed history check includes our unique My Salvage Check which searches salvage auction data within the UK to ascertain if a vehicle has been written off within the last 7 years. A recent investigation by BBC's Rip Off Britain television program  has uncovered significant gaps in the official database used by consumers and dealerships to check second hand cars' history and estimated that 80,000 write offs a year (around 12% of the total for sale) could be repaired and put back on the road, with new owners having no idea of their car's chequered past. Find out More

This important search can save you from purchasing an unrecorded accident damaged vehicle from an assumed trusted source. Our own case study also details a similar case found at a Audi main dealer. Click here to read this case study

In cases where accident damage history is available, the information can be used to build a pre inspection report for clients who knowingly wish purchase a previously repaired accident damaged vehicle at a discount. Sellers often don't know or don't fully disclose the nature of the orignal damage so this additional report highlights any potential problems that would have to be satisfied during our inspection.

Any signifcant adverse information will be reported to you prior to us inspecting the vehicle to allow you the option to abort the inspeciton should you wish to. Sourced data will be referenced within your online inspection report.

If you wish to add any additional checks to your pre purchase inspection this can be done at the booking stage.

What we check

  • Vehicle Idenity
  • Finance
  • Write Off & Scrapped
  • My Salvage Check
  • Theft
  • Mileage History - Standard
  • Road Tax

Additional history check options

  • Previous Owners
  • Mileage History - Investigation
  • DVLA MOT History
  • Valuation – standard
  • Valuation - enhanced
  • Manufacturer Warranty
  • Vehicle recalls

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