Is it worth checking a main dealer vehicle?

This vehicle is less than one year old, low mileage, under manufactures warranty and for sale on a main dealer forcourt. A safe purchase you would assume? and the majority are, but every now and again you may not get the car your are paying dealer peace of mind for.

Side panel repair

We were asked to inspect a less than one year old Audi A6 at a well respected Audi main dealer. The vehicle had less than 5000 miles on the clock, had passed Audi's pre sale checks and was on the market for in excess of £25,000.

Aftermarket seam sealant

The vehicle appeared mechanically sound but engineers attention was drawn to non original sealant applied to the inner LH rear wing (quarter panel). Further investigation revealed

The vehicle had been subject to an impact to the LH side which has resulted in replacement of the LH rear wing, LH rear door & rear bumper.

Faults within the repaired area included

Unpainted filler/primer to LH rear upper wing/roof section. 

Paint chip to rear wing during bumper fitment 

Thin or no paint coverage to inner rear wheel arch

Poorly applied sealant to various rear wing panel joints including to inner wing, rear panel and wheel arch.

Water trapped in boot shut sealant 

Overspray to LH sill panel

Light corrosion to LH rear door hinge

LH rear door sats out ahead of the rear wing leaving a small but obvious lip

Internal trims poorly refited and or damaged.

Whilst is it not unusual for a vehicle to have had previous accident repairs. This vehicle however would not nowingly be sold on a main dealers forcourt due to its age and repair history. The vehicle was over valued as a result and could have led to costly repairs in the near future as the repairs deteriorated.