Insurance Roadworthiness Report

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The Instruction:


We were instructed to carry out a roadworthiness report on this Land Rover Discovery to confirm its current condition following repair. 



Background information:


The vehicle had been deemed uneconomical to repair by our clients insurer following a RH front corner impact. As the owner considered the vehicle to be in good condition with significant recent investment, he decided to purchase the vehicle back from the insurer and organised a repair with a local bodyshop. 


Upon completion of the repairs our clients insurers requested a vehicle inspection by a qualified engineer to confirm the method of repair and roadworthiness.



Our findings:


Our inspection confirmed that external body components including the front bumper, grille, bonnet, wing and wing mirror had been replaced with 2nd hand parts.


The RH front door had been repaired and all replaced and repaired parts repainted in the original body colour.


The RH front tyre and RH steering knuckle had been replaced.


The outcome:


The inspection confirmed that the repairs had been carried out to a satisfactory standard and the vehicle roadworthy.


Our report was provided online within 24 hours and a PDF copy was forwarded to the insurer. This documented evidence provided all the information required by the insurer to put the vehicle back on cover.