Insuring a Cat N or Cat S Car

Cat N and Cat S roadworthiness Inspections


My Car Inspections can help you if you are looking for a vehicle inspection report to assist in insuring a car following a Category S or Cat N insurance total loss.


When insuring a Cat S or Cat N car it is common for insurers to request a road worthiness inspection. This report provides information to the insurer outlining the mehtod of repair and roadworthiness of the vehicle. These reports are commonly requested for Cat S, Cat N, Cat C and Cat D vehicles previously repaired prior to purchase, or cars retained and repaired following a cash in lieu settlement. 


Accepted by Insurers


My Car Inspections roadworthiness reports are accepted by insurers, our reports are carried out by qualified engineer assessors who are members of The Institute of the Motor Industry and hold valid ATA/VDA vehicle damage assessor accreditation.


Any vehicle that is deemed a Cat A, Cat B, Cat N or Cat S total loss and placed on the MIAFTR register must be assessed by an APQ (Appropriately Qualified Person). All of our our vehicle damage assessors hold this AQP qualification and can also assist with disputes over salvage categorisation.


Case studies of our insurance roadworthiness reports can be found here and salvage categorisation inspections here


Prompt Mobile Car Inspections 


We come to you! My car inspections offer a nationwide mobile roadworthiness vehicle inspection check which can be done at a location of your choice. 


Your report and images are provided online within 24 hours of the inspection. The report can also be downloaded in pdf format to enable prompt attention by your insurer. 

What we provide

  • Assement for Insurance Renewal
  • Qualified Engineer Assessor
  • Written Report
  • CPR Part 35 Compliant
  • Images
  • Verbal Report

  • We Come to You

  • Post Repair Inspections

Car Insurance inspections cover the following total loss Categories 

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