Cat B Car Recategorised

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The Instruction:


Our client contacted us to carry out a damage assessment inspection on this rare Audi A8 6.0L Quattro which had been involved in a non fault impact to the LH front corner. The insurer had categorised it a Cat B via image assessment meaning it could not be returned to the road.



Background information:


Our background checks confirmed the vehicle had be categorised a Cat B. The owner wanted to investigate the possibility of retaining the vehicle and repairing it will recycled parts. This would not be possible if the vehicle remained a Cat B.


Our findings:


Our inspection identified that light panel damage had been sustained to the front bumper, LH front wing and LH front door. Due to the nature of the damage to the door and wing (which are made of aluminium) a repair was not possible. 


The wheel and tyre had also been impacted, used components had been replaced prior to our inspection. Additionally a four wheel alignment had been carried out, evident adjustment was confirmed during our inspection.


No evident structural damage was visible. 


The outcome:


With our assessor having the benefit of seeing the vehicle in person and with rectification of the wheel impact already resolved was able to provide qualified evidence to support the insurer who had previously carried out an image assessment remotely.


As the owner was keen to retain the vehicle and had sourced second hand replacement parts our assessor recommended to the insurer, based on the guidance outlined in the code of practice for the categorisation of motor vehicle salvage that the vehicle was suitable for repair and as there was no visible structural damage a Cat N (non structural) marker would be appropriate.


After consideration the insurer recategorised the vehicle Cat N and agreed a cash in Lieu settlement with our client. This enabling him to repair and retain this up and coming classic Audi Quattro on the road.