Buying a used car

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Purchasing in a used car can be a daunting process however there are a number of steps you can take to reduce the risk of making a bad investment 


Background checks

Checking a vehicles history stretches beyond a traditional vehicle data check to confirm the vehicle is not an insurance write off, stolen or has outstanding finance. The DVLA’s free MOT look up service allows you to view a vehicles entire MOT history. This can reveal expensive inherent faults with a vehicle like engine management faults or irreversible chassis corrosion.

Vehicle data check

Still an essential part of the car buying process and a much more competitive market nowadays in comparison previous decades where Hpi were the only option. Saving’s can be made with budget check services or buying multiply checks upfront however you should always check that your data check includes a finance check and offers insurance in the event of an error. Many budget checks do not include finance checks in the advertised price. Options are also available for a free check. All genuine registered UK car dealers are legally required to history check their vehicles prior to sale, the report will be included for free as part of sale. If you are employing the services of a professional car inspector many companies include a history check as part of their fee.


Vehicle inspection 

Brakes should be examined to determine their state of function. Faulty brakes can lead to devastating accidents, especially when the road is wet.If you noticed the vehicle you want to buy has faulty brakes, ensure you rectify the problem before buying it.


Complete your purchase

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