Consumer law - Sale of faulty Vehicle or Service


What's covered under the consumer rights act 2015?


Vehicle must be:

Of satisfactory quality

Fit for purpose

Match description, sample or model

Be installed correctly 

Delivered on time or agreed time, or within 30 days


Up to 30 days

Consumer is entitled to a full refund. No deduction for wear and tear

Up to 6 months

Seller should be given the option to repair or replace. If after one unsuccessful repair then a refund can be made, with vehicles a dealer has the option to make a deduction for wear and tear

6 months to 6 years

If repair or replacement is not an option the consumer can claim a price reduction of final right to reject. Dealer can make deduction for wear and tear


What is consumer rights act 2015 relating to unfair contract terms?


The term must be transparent and understandable. There are terms that are black listed and grey listed, any implied terms on the black list cannot be upheld, terms on the grey list will be subject to a test of fairness. 


What liability do manufacturers have in common law? 


Common law states you need to prove there was negligence in the manufacturing process. Covers resulting damage/injury as a result of the negligence.


What liability do manufacturers have in statute?

Statute states you must prove the product was faulty/defective. Manufacturer or local agent/importer. Covers resulting damage/injury as a result of the negligence.


What happens if I ignore a manufactures recall?


The manufacturer cannot reject the claim however they can make a deduction as the the owners actions in not resolving the fault in relation to the nature of the recall.


What's covered in Section 75 and 75a of the consumer credit act?


Section 75

Gives the consumer the right to make a claim directly with their credit card company for purchases between £100 & £30,000. Where goods are not of satisfactory quality, as described or not delivered at all. Including where the seller has ceased trading or cannot be located


Section 75A

Extends section 75 cover for claims above £30,000 and below £60,260. Consumer can make a claim when the seller cannot be traced, fails to respond or insolvent. Reasonable steps must be taken to pursue the seller.


What we check

  • Vehicle Idenity
  • Finance
  • Write Off & Scrapped
  • Theft
  • Mileage History - Standard
  • DVLA MOT History

Additional history check options

  • Previous Owners
  • Mileage History - Investigation
  • Valuation 
  • Manufacturer Warranty Information
  • Vehicle Recalls
  • Taxi Check

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