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My Car Data Check

My Car Inspections carry out a vehicle data check prior to carrying out any car inspection. My car inspections understands that this is an essential part of the car buying process.

Why Check?

Data check companies report the following car data statistics.

1 in 4 vehicles has had outstanding finance previously recorded

If you buy a vehicle with an outstanding loan or hire purchase agreement, the finance company retains a legal interest in it until the money is repaid in full.

The company will try to track down the vehicle and repossess it, unless you prove that you were what's called an innocent purchaser. Proving this can be an extremely difficult, lengthy and stressful process.

1 in 8 vehicles were recorded as an insurance write off:

Insurers 'write off' cars and other vehicles for two reasons

Damage write offs: The insurer thinks it's uneconomic to repair the vehicle. Some classes of damage write offs can be made safe to drive again.

Theft write offs: The insurance company has paid out a claim because the vehicle was stolen - which means the insurer is now the legal owner.

Over 160,000 vehicles are reported as stolen each year

You should never buy a car if it might be stolen. The original owner (or their insurer) is entitled to reclaim their vehicle, even if you bought it in good faith.

190,000 vehicles are being traced by finance companies

You run the risk of buying a car that's stolen or has outstanding finance. It may be seized and returned to the rightful owner.

My Car Data Check

My Car Inspections check the history of every vehicle before arranging an independent inspection to check for:

  • Outstanding Finance Records.
  • Insurance Write Off - Total Loss A,B,C or D.
  • Stolen or Fraud Risk Register.
  • Mileage Irregularities from service records.
  • Registration Changes - current & Previous.
  • Import Markers - Up to date import history.

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